First project of 2018: Dolls house do over. Dolls House 1: Ristorante Sorrento

OK so announcing my first big project of 2018: three dollshouses, that I bought in a charity shop. They are for my stepdaughter. This is the first, before photos. I’m planning on making it into a food hall.


    • Haha I’m afraid this is an example of me doing that typical thing of living through the kids 🤣🤣 I know I bought them partly cos I always wanted a dolls house when I was a kid and I wasn’t allowed one cos they “weren’t for kids” so I’m like “my stepdaughter is getting a dollhouse” haha and I had a couple I was planning to do up and give her for Xmas and then when I saw these three in the charity shop I couldn’t resist so now we are gonna have a whole street hahaha I always take on too big projects. But we will get there. I’m stripping the front at the moment.

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