Ode to accountants: poem in progress

I started writing this poem for my husband, and I lost it halfway through. I just found it again (I’m choosing to see that as a reward from the universe for getting on with sorting out that paperwork I’ve been meaning to go through for ages 🤣😇) so: it’s a WIP, but I’m putting it here so I don’t lose it again before I finish it

Aminato (the one I love) .

It’s strange so little has been said about

The way accounting touches the divine.

It was (who else?) a florentine

Aminato, who first spelled it out *

Who else could it have been?

Power, laid down amoral and fixed

Callous vagaries of imbalance

And relentless quest for truth.

We praise and read out loud our poets

And tweet our lovers you tube videos

Yet finer more convincing kinds of truth

Are found in balanced sheets, than prose

For in this world, if love lies anywhere,

It lies in keeping our view true and fair

That’s why, for me, the ideal human mind

Accounts; it takes a certain kind of holy knight

To face the gritty facts and reconcile.

And why my overwhelming preference

Is to avoid the circular reference

Id swap ordinary shares for preference

If upon me you would count.

For I have a total reverence

For a man who can account.

I knew at once you were the man for me

Because you laughed when I said “double entry”

Enter me on your balance sheet

Render permanent my assets

I want to influence your direct costs

And watch your profits soar

For despite what others say


And neither hold a candle close to you,

You’re my ICAEW x

*NB this is untrue. Double entry book keeping was invented by Benedikt Kotruljević

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