Screw you, Portas: charity shop one-upmanship

You spend years trawling scabby old charity shops full of Dan Brown and Carpenters records, then once or twice a year you hit solid gold. Mainly when someone really cool dies, I suspect. So today’s haul- oh be still my beating heart- 6 crochet blankets/lap blankets total £15, total bargain. Super exciting. Genuine 70s nylon wool and clashing colours 😁


I love my bookshelves. I never ever get bored of my bookshelves 😁


    • I was so excited haha I just grabbed them all and ran for the till. I had no idea what I had bought till I got home. Once I found three handknit jumpers in my size. Finding sisters’ (probably) work in the charity shop is probably the greatest high I know 😇


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